Tulsa 50 years Buried Plymouth Belvedere: Where Is It Now?

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If you have not come across this story before, here’s the lowdown.
In 1957 Tulsa decided as a publicity stunt to bury a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere in front of their courthouse as a Time Capsule to be dug up 50 years later in 2007.
The car was also buried with a bunch of memorabilia from 1957. Oil and gas were put in the car, ‘In case they weren’t around in the future!’ amongst other things.

The car was unearthed on June 15, 2007 as part of the Oklahoma Centennial celebration. The vault the car was buried in was built to withstand most attacks, but not water flooding which had to be dealt with before the car was removed.

The car, affectionately known as ‘Miss Belvedere’ came out of the ground obviously in a lot worse condition than it went in. Water and chemicals all got past its protective plastic wrapping and the condition of the car was more or less the same as if it been submerged in water for the full 50 years.

Since being un-earthed, the Belvedere has been cared for by Dwight Foster of Kresgeville, Pa, of Ultra One, manufacturer of a rust-removing chemicals.
Restoration work then began to slowly turn the rusted Belvidere into its original state. Once most of the outer rust was taken from the car in 2009, picture started to emerge from the restoration process.
However, in 2010 it came out that the restoration process was more of a promotional stunt than anything else. Essentially, the car’s condition was far worse than anyone ever expected and it was looking more like the car was either beyond repair needed such major work it was more donor car than original. The car was offered to the Smithsonian Institute and the city of Tulsa, who essentially both refuse the car due to its condition.

Today, the car still sits in Ultra Ones warehouse, waiting to be given a final home.

This is just a shame that what was started as a great idea, didn’t go the way it was planned and unfortunately, this time capsule now just gives a remanent of the past rather than a classic best of scenario, like digging up and finding a broken, beyond repair rare Roman vase, rather than the Venus to Milo.

As you can see in the before and after shot below,  even after restoration, the car looks in shocking condition. A tip for future car time capsules –  thoroughly waterproof your prized car and its protection.


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