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To Clone Or Not To Clone a Car?

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By Mark Weisseg

I saw this 1969 Camaro Copo on line the other day and I was hooked. I love the sleeper car look and this Copo is just stunning.

It begs the question however do you buy the real thing or a clone. Even today a clone is called a tribute car. Either way it is not the real thing. Buying a real deal Copo is a big undertaking. Obviously first and foremost is the cost. Any real Copo is going to be a bucket or two of money. What you get in return is a wonderful car that will retain and increase its value. You also get big time bragging rights and you should.

Now here is where I say buyer beware. It is easy to make any classic car a clone or tribute car as we discussed and pass it off as the real deal. It happens and anyone in the hobby would acknowledge that. So, if you are in the market for a numbers matching car, or a real deal car like this one above be prepared to do your homework.

I mentioned to a friend over the summer that if ever bought another Corvette it would only be a 63 Split window car or a 66-67 big block Corvette like what he had that night. With that I said I would take a expert with me to ensure I was getting what I was paying for. We all have heard the horror stories of someone buying a rare, numbers matching car only to find out later they have been had. Trust me, there are folks out there churning out fakes like puppy mills. Do your homework, hire an expert to verify, crawl underneath, know your product and be careful. Why? Because knock offs are everywhere. I am ok with knock off products as long as you know in advance the Rolex watch you are buying is not the real thing.

In this case, the beautiful 69 Camaro Copo is a clone. Yes, what looks to be real is not and as a matter of fact the guy selling it advertised it up front and correctly. No harm, no foul. It’s a great price and you will almost have the real deal. You see the real deal could cost you $300,000 if it is perfect. That is a tough hill to climb for us regular folk so what’s wrong with a clone or tribute car? Nothing. As long as you know all the facts in advance.

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