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‘Tis Better To Have Loved And Lost A Muscle Car Than To Never Have Loved At All.

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I just thought I would lift the words for the title of this article from the poem, ‘In Memoriam A.H.H.’ by British poet Lord Alfred Tennyson,  not just to make a point, but to also make myself look a bit more educated and intelligent, like!

The point of this article is born out of the fact that daily we hear from people across the globe who have owned muscle cars, some very rare muscle cars, but sold them and years later either regret the decision or long for the vehicle again.
If I had just one cent for everybody who told me this, I would be on a beach somewhere now, retired.

Almost everybody who has been driving for a few decades will have owned a car at some point in the past that is now a potential rarity. It happens to everybody. It’s no consolation, but the situation is really the norm rather than a rarity.

The chance to potentially own a future rarity is a common occurrence.
A reader recently said that they had to the chance to buy some Roadrunner Superbirds back in the day, more than a few, before they were junked. He passed on them, as it was the early 80’s and nobody saw the value in these things back then, but he did buy a Challenger R/T instead, which he sold a few years later.
That’s got to hurt, but we move on…..

Everybody has their reasons for why they need to sell a car at the time. It may be financially driven, you simply want to upgrade, the actual worth of the car doesn’t become apparent for decades, many reasons.
But the main point is that if you did own a rare muscle car at one point, even if it was for a short time, you did own it, you did drive it, you did enjoy it. Job done.

Not many people once they have passed their driving tests own and drive a car that they keep until they retire. We usually own many cars throughout our lives, so it’s not unrealistic for a few of these to become future rarities.

So, never regret having owned a rare muscle car then sold it in the past.
You owned it, you loved it, then it was time to move on.
Revel in the fact that you had a chance to own one of these beautiful, rare beasts. Most do not.

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