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Three Ways to Prepare Your Muscle Car for Repainting

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When you own a muscle car, you’ll want other people to know that you own a muscle car. It has become a popular status symbol among American car enthusiasts even with the rise in popularity of hybrid and futuristic electric cars.

Muscle cars are a solid and tangible reminder of our nation’s proud history of car manufacturing.  A 100% privately owned muscle car is surely a sight to see.

Muscle cars do attract the attention of police officers who may suspect that you were speeding or showing off if you are involved in a car accident. If you were injured in a car accident because of the reckless driving of another, seek the help of experienced car accident attorneys like the ones at Tario & Associates.

How to keep your muscle car in top condition

To keep your muscle car in tip top condition, you will need to have a paint job that attracts attention. Not only that, it should also provide sufficient protection against the sun and rain and prevent corrosion of the metal underneath. Most of these muscle cars were popular at the beginning up to the middle of the 20th century, Therefore you should handle them with utmost care.

Here are three tips to help you prepare your muscle car for a paint job.


Unfortunately, most people tend to forget to wash their vehicles before giving their muscle cars a new paint job. Always wash your car to remove all the dirt and dust that might cause a problem during the repainting process. Small particles that are left on the surface of the car might cause scratches once you attempt to buff the vehicle.

Also, use a soap that is specifically designed for car surfaces. Using dish soap or detergent that is not made for cars might chemically damage the paint.

Another good thing about washing is that it reveals the full extent of the aesthetic issue, if there really is an issue. Maybe the color of your car has not actually faded? Maybe you just did not wash your muscle car in weeks? Hey, even a layer of dust on the windshield can literally cloud your judgment on the road.

Sand down

Sanding is a good way to keep an even and clean finish. If your car has gone through some touch-ups in the past, it might be wise to just leave those areas alone and only sand down the areas that have been exposed to scratches and other discoloration. Following it with a good sealer and a modern catalyzed primer would also be a good step forward. If you see an area with a very noticeable fade or a significant scratch or graze then a rubbing compound could be the best option.

Strip it

If you really want to be thorough or there’s something about the car’s surface that keeps on bothering you, there is only one way to find out: strip it to the bare metal. You might be surprised at what lies underneath that might have caused the damage to the paint in the first place. Also, be wary of using a grinder, and when we say “be wary,” we actually meant don’t. At all. A grinder not only ignores significant places but it also strips away the actual metal so it is wise not to use one.

We understand that you want to have a personal touch in restoring your muscle car’s color; but most of the time, you can get the job done just by simply taking the car to a professional body and paint shop. Sure it will cost a few bucks but the risk of damage to your car is definitely less.


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