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Things You Must Do To Spruce Up Your Muscle Car’s Interior

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The chances are if you find yourself an old classic-style muscle car, you will have to do some renovation to it to bring it back into its former glory. However, you may have found a much newer muscle car that you just want to make your own inside and out.

When it comes to the exterior, there are many different paint jobs you can have done, either bespoke or run of the mill, and of course, if you want to be totally different, there are also the wraps or transfers to look at. However, when looking at the interior, there are a few places where you need to work on, which can make a really great difference to how your muscle car feels inside.

Seat covers, door trims, and dashboards

When looking at seat covers for your muscle car, it is probably best to go for handmade and bespoke. This way, you get the quality your car deserves, and your car will look fabulous. Many of the premade car seat covers lack quality and are ill-fitting yet still cost a lot of money. The fabric of these is generally poor too.

By having bespoke handmade car seat covers, you can choose exactly what it is that you want for your car, whether you are wanting it to look as it did when it was first made or whether you want to go for a much more personal feel and you can choose the fabric too.

If you just want to have your car seats repaired, there are businesses that offer this service; however, you are probably going to have to look at getting the car over to them via a car shipping service so that they can have your car and carry out the work for you.

You may find that the businesses that offer seat cover repairs will also be able to rescue your door trims and repair any dashboard damage too while they have your car. But if your door trims and dashboard are past saving, you may want to look into having this work carried out in a bespoke manner too.

Steering wheel and gear shift knob

You may find that you need to replace the steering wheel and gear shift knob. You can make quite a few different choices, ranging from old wooden ones, such as walnut, to leather ones, and this is true of both the steering wheel and the gear shift knob. If you are after a bespoke steering wheel, you can probably choose the size too. The large steering wheels are reminiscent of a vintage age, whereas the small ones can be likened to racing cars. If you do not require a new steering wheel or gear shift knob, a cheaper option is to buy a cover for them.

A few final thoughts

You may have the exterior of your muscle car looking the part, but it is the interior that you will be seeing and feeling while you are cruising around the place. Make sure when you have your interior revamped that it is exactly what you want, as it will be costly but worth it even if you have to go that extra mile to get the look you want or wait that little bit longer to get the funds.


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