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The ubiquitous 1968 Mustang

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By Mark Weisseg

This is the car that did it for me. I always liked Mustangs with the movie Bullitt and this ’68 Mustang being the catalyst that grabbed my attention many years ago.
In 2005, Ford brought out the redesigned Mustang, inspired by the ’68 Mustang. Ford even offered a Bullitt version Mustang that I came within hours of buying. What I feared at the last moment was thousands of Bullitt type Mustangs prowling the streets and mine would blend in and be just another Mustang.
So, I waited and passed on the chance. Turns out I was wrong of course. Yes, they did sell Bullitt Mustangs, but not in the numbers I thought they would. So, I screwed up, oh well.

But, my dream did come later as I bought a 2005 Mustang GT in black and I had visions of how I was going to make this car special and a one of a kind. It is jet black and I upped the looks and horsepower right away. The car only goes out in the sunshine and of course is locked down for the winter.
At times I have thought about selling it or trading it. Then, I go out and drive it and I change my mind right away. The sound, the feel, all hark back to the 1968 Mustang and all the models in the future probably will as well.
All car designs borrow and cherry pick from each other, but the 1968 Mustang has a certain look, instantly recognizable.
The Mustangs of today and tomorrow will all have the latest functionality and features, but you can always bet some of the soul from those original models are still in there somewhere.

It all started with the ’68 Style and the movie. The movie is cool but is filled with some issues during the chase scene. Ignore the bloopers and just watch the chase. I am counting the days until I can take the monster out and get that feeling in my soul again. My Mustang is the reason I started collecting in the first place, so if it’s the classic original of the latest interpretation, those original ideas for through to today. Thank you Ford.

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