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The Rare 1970 LeMans “The Jury”

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By Dave Ashton

You may have heard of the 1969 Pontiac GTO ‘Judge‘ with Ram Air III or the Ram Air IV V8 built to compete with the Plymouth Roadrunner, but there was also one called ‘The Jury.’ Essentially Canadian built as a low-cost alternative to the Judge based on the LeMans.

These were dealer dressed up vehicles where Stampede Pontiac Buick Ltd., Calgary, AB ordered 26 silver with blue interior 1970 LeMans coupes, 20 of them with four speeds and six with column shift automatics. All had 350ci. 2bbl V8 (255hp, 0-60 in 9 secs.) engines, with the four speeds having wide ratio M-20s and the automatics turbo 350s. All of them having 3.23 posi. rear ends, 390-1 gear ratio and power disc brakes at the front. Also a 69′ Judge rear deck spoiler. Interestingly, the car below and some online reports say only 25 vehicles were ordered, while others say 26 as in High Performance Pontiac, June 1994.

The Stampede shop dressed them up with a stripe package which included fireball decal, Jury logo and black bumblebee stripe over the rear quarter panel. As a more affordable alternative to the Judge, the Jury was priced at $2700 about $1000 less than the Judge. It wasn’t actually that uncommon for dealers to create their own versions of vehicles due to the success of Yenko.

The example in the video below shows the original sales order and advertisements.




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