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The Next BatMobile Is a Muscle Car!

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By Dave Ashton

The next installment of the Batman movie franchise should be hitting screens in the middle of 2021. A new movie means a new Batmobile and with Robert Pattinson taking up the role this time around, the Batmobile is taking on a more muscle car demeanor.

Images of the new Batmobile surfaced recently on Twitter, via director of the new film Matt Reeves, showing a more conventional car build, at least compared to the Batmobiles we have currently been used to. The snaps shots of the new car show a possible V8 or V10 at the rear, with twin turbos. All wrapped around a bat roll cage and bat bodywork(using the original TV convention of sticking the word ‘bat’ before everything.)

As the new vehicle has definite muscle car DNA, the speculation mill is at full tilt guessing the possible platform the car is built upon. Some are pointing towards a 1970-ish Plymouth Barracuda ala a type of Chrysler E-body. As this latest flick is chronicling the early years of Batman, it stands to sense that Mr. Batman would be using a touch of Detroit muscle as the basis for the Batmobile. It’s not much of a stretch of the imagination to think this could also be customized GT40, at least from the back and it’s low stance, but not so much from the front(Batman could own a chop shop…)


In any case, the new movie promises to be more raw and visceral than previous outings. Plus, from preview images a healthy soundtrack of potential Detroit muscle running through the whole story line. Only a brief teaser videos have been released up to now on the new movie( as above), so we will have to wait over the coming months for a closer look at Batty’s new ride.

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