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The Most Rare Classic Cars You Have Ever Seen

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Rarity can come in many different forms. buy, restore and sell vintage sports and concept cars.

Most of the vehicles currently on the website are pre-1960s, all having their roots in either the racing world or as concept cars.
It is a concept cars that stand out the most as they seem to be one extreme or the other. Wacky designs or cars that show elements of future vehicles.

1937 Gougeon Streamliner

One of the world’s earliest concept cars.
It would have been fantastic if this had come into production. can you imagine highways filled with these in the late 1930s and early 40s?!?

1952 Maverick Sportster

‘One of Two Personal Cars of the Designer – Sterling Gladwin Author George Dammann Calls It “America’s Postwar Duesenburg”’

1954 Chicagoan Concept Car

‘Debuted in 1954 Chicago Auto Show, Missing for Over 50 Years.’
This car came out today, it would not look out of place as a modern-day roadster.

1964 Vanguard Warrior II Prototype

Based on the Ford Mustang I Concept Car, Built by Ford Affiliate – Vanguard Industries, (1 of 1 built)
This car looks very cute, but this may be in its failing at the time.
This was around the time muscle cars were coming into the era of ‘bigger is better’ or at least it was for a few years.
It also looks just a bit too European for the times.

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