The Most Amazing Cars From SEMA 2015

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This past weekend saw the SEMA 2015 show takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, Las Vegas, NV 89109, arguably the largest car show in North America.

Most of the happenings inside the convention center are for the car trade only, but there is arguably just as much to see for the general public outside and around the show, from the big parade of cars at the beginning and the end of the show to all the custom and tricked out vehicles, from specialist tuning outfits to the major manufacturers.

Here are some of the highlight images taken by some of our friends to give you an idea of some of the amazing rides available.

The show is held every year in November, so check out their website for future details and next year’s show.



‘Today while I was keeping appointments I was stopped in an isle by a mass of people when I spotted Richard Petty flanked by what appeared to be 2 bodyguards.
Before I knew it I was staring right at him and smiling and he seemed to be looking right back at me smiling as well.
Before I knew it he walked right up to me, patted me on the shoulder and simply said “Good to see you”.
Immediately I was transported 45 years ago when I was first introduced to my then NASCAR hero.
My family was returning from Phoenix to California when we pulled off the highway for a little side trip.
It was dark and I had/have no idea where we were. We pulled up to a huge garage and I was told to come along and that “you’ve got to see this”
When the huge door rolled to the side there was Richard Petty’s 1972 Dodge Charger.
Standing around it was a couple of guys and non other than Richard Petty himself. I was 7 or 8 and starstruck
He came over and said a few things and gave me the most awesome autographed poster that hung on my wall for years.
It’s amazing how a chance encounter can bring back memories. Not to sound weird, but I would have loved to share that memory with Richard Petty.
Oh and the place I met him… One of the best race tracks ever. RIVERSIDE International Raceway.’



Here’s a rare treat.
I give you the lovely Ms. Hurst shifter, Linda Vaughn and
Vic Edelbrock jr.
These 2 legends of our industry talking up a street race with their scooters.




Images by Mike Dean Martin

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