The Love Affair With Muscle Cars DOES/WILL Continue….

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This is another ‘jump in and defend article’ after reading this post from the
It’s another one of those articles that reviews from afar how the Americans love affair with cars is slowly fading.

We wrote recently about this topic and argued that Americans have a love affair with automobiles just as much as ever.

The young don’t like cars.
This is said to be borne out economic factors, the youngest generation are more interested in the smartphone than a car and city dwellers see the automobile as more of a hindrance than a route to freedom.
If you read the popular press you would think that the car is going the way of the dinosaur and only all tattooed, beardy types (not my view) are interested in getting covered in oil and enthusiastically breaking out a wrench.

Like anything that becomes super popular, it will eventually plateau and even tail off.
Today’s latest generation have far more distractions than someone growing up 40 or 50 years ago, loads more distractions. We can do far more things remotely than ever, which ultimately means the automobile may lose some of its customer base, but I cannot see the car disappearing entirely, being more specialized or reduced in numbers, maybe, disappearing completely and completely falling out of favor, no.
Cars will morph and change over the years, be different things to different people, but the need for power and exhilaration which an automobile can uniquely give, will always have its followers.

I spoke with three people recently who all live in a city.
One was a teenager, the other in their mid-20s the other person in their 50s. They all agreed that they hated exhaust fumes where they lived. They hated the sound of noisy cars. But when asked what is their favorite car, they each gave their preferences and loved the sound of a big V8, just not where they lived.
This shows that the love affair is still there, they are just less likely to own a car in a city, but really, the whole population of the US don’t live in cities and given the option, once out of the city environment, the car is the way to go.

Asking only three people is hardly a cross representation of the whole of America, but just like the article that states that the love affair is in decline, my example shows that in the right environment the car works just as well.

An Endless debate….
When I started writing this article, I could think of a million and one caveats, but no matter who argues what, the future landscape of the car may mean less cars sold on the whole, but there will always be enthusiasts and passionate people who just love their cars, old and new and if they decide to work on those cars themselves, they exercise both body and mind in a visceral, real way, which the average bit of modern tech cannot provide.
A bit like the line from Nick Offerman’s stand-up show, ‘American Ham‘ where he states, instead of using an app. to draw a picture, just draw a picture!
Basically, hands-on will always beat virtual, any day and the generation that is brought up on the virtual rather than the real will be missing out on the tactile and emotional, along with fulfilling all the senses at once.
You can live in a city and play a car game on your chosen device in the comfort of your home, with little effort. It will look all very real, but you won’t be in real surroundings, real air blowing through your hair and the smells, sights and sounds which only a real car cruise can provide, from a little tin box to the most expensive of rare vehicles.

Distractions will always come and go, as with economic priorities and where we live, so maybe fewer cars on the road will mean more space for the rest of us!

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