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The Importance of Loving Classics Muscle Cars.

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Soap box time….
Yep, like an argument brought up in a debating society, having an appreciation for classic vehicles and especially classic muscle cars, will help us not just appreciate the automotive industry of old in general, but also to appreciate everything that eventually becomes old.
This viewpoint was borne out of an interview with Paul Tecci and Gerry Notara of RkMotors ( exclusive interview coming soon!) Paul expressed his love for Pro Touring and Restomod vehicles, stating that they had the best of both worlds, the best of both the old and the new. This got me thinking, if you extrapolate this viewpoint out, it will open you up to a vast body of knowledge and appreciation. All positives.

An appreciation of the old.
Appreciating what came before is a learning curve.
Generalizing, when we are young, we want everything to be new. It’s a natural way to look at things, but as we age (we all do!), we come to appreciate not just the things we held dear in our own youths, but also the best of what came in the past.

This is an important point to consider, as it leads us to appreciate all things, if they are old or new, so we can basically get the best of both worlds, not just because it is current.

We all get old at some time.
Its a sad fact of life, it happens to us all, but the benefits we gain in knowledge and out look, can outweigh the odd wrinkle!
When it comes to cars, if we all start to appreciate the very earliest vehicles to the latest productions, we don’t just broaden our outlook, we expand our knowledge which can have a knock-on effect into other areas of our life.

A small example is with music. If you only listen to what is current, you are missing out on a massive area of what came before and what the modern stuff came from. If you dig into the past, you find a wealth of stuff produced which can possibly last you a lifetime of research and listening.
So it goes with cars. Every step since the earliest automobile is built on the next until we have what we have now. Knowing all these steps and cherry picking the best, means you have a wider variety of choice and knowledge.
On one car show, I saw a restoration where they added A/C to a classic muscle car, but the interface with the driver was the original heater controls which gave the visuals of the classic car with modern day technology behind the scenes. You still have the organic looks and feel of the original, but with all the choices and variations of what we expect today.

In conclusion, why not get the best of both worlds and open up to not only what is current but also what came in the past.

You never know what you will come across………..

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