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How To Ruin A Corvette Very Quickly

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By Mark Weisseg

Aftermarket car parts can be a very individual thing. Some like to keep their cars stock original, while others want their rides to stand out as much as possible.
However, it’s a fine line between a vehicle being very unique and one looking like it is the result of a 60’s acid trip.

However, just look at this Vette. Somebody thought this was a good idea. Maybe they started off with the side pipes and wheels but, someone decided to make roof vents out of the hood scoop that cannot possibly have any value.
What a shame as Corvettes do so well on the show circuit, even customized Vettes, but one must know where to stop. It’s hard enough driving an older Corvette as you sit so low in them to begin with. Now, throw a one foot tall scoop of some sort in front of you and I will bet it’s a bitch to see anything. On top of that it looks silly.

Before you go aftermarket shopping and think you have the best idea since the invention of the toaster maybe ask a few people what they think.
If you want to start adding ‘extras’ to your car, gather examples as you like the look of online, maybe a certain design, body styling, then get some feedback from people whose opinion you value on these matters.
If the body design you choose is too left-field, your true friends will have you committed. If they are strangers they will run away very fast. At least you will know it might not be a great idea after all.
If you never plan to sell the vehicle, do what you like to the car, but most vehicles eventually get sold or passed to somebody else.
Nobody wants to be landed with a vehicle no one else wants. It’s a fine line.

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