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Restoring A 1941 Chevy Truck: When Your Glad Its Someone Else.

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By Mark Weisseg

I mentioned this truck once before but finally got a real picture of it yesterday to share.
Here is the very short version of this truck and why it’s so special.

I had the chance to buy this truck years ago when it was in need of a full restoration. I passed on it but a friend at the company in which I worked, for bought it and started his version of restoration. After a while he lost interest and sold it to another mutual friend of ours.

Then, the magic happened for this very tired 41 Chevy. My good friend Henry saw the beauty in this truck and took this down to the frame. Every nut and bolt was removed, cleaned, and reinstalled if it was good. Henry had the engine rebuilt, the transmission rebuilt, the interior redone, the wheels powder coated, new chrome, new rubber everywhere and the list kept going. Many a day I was with him as he fretted over something on this truck. He wanted it to be perfect in every possible way. As you can see, he did it. The truck is 95 percent done with only a few small items to go. Then, this spring he will be ripping along at about 50 miles an hour (good old truck speed), as happy as can be.

So, why tell you about an old truck on a muscle car site? Because the story is the same that we all endure.
We buy our dream, we rebuild, we replace, we worry, we fret, we go over budget, we ignore family and friends and the list goes on. I know Henry well and I treasure his friendship.
I can tell you first hand how hard this process was for him. Henry likes everything right the first time. He is a guy you can trust with anything. In the background of this picture you can see a wall and concrete driveway. Henry did that as well. Hard labor, endless hours of planning and work. He and his son did all the work. Henry is a perfectionist and it shows in the quality of his work.

I miss seeing him on a regular basis at work. We had so many laughs at times I have forgotten how many. He and I went to long boring meetings together and his partnership always made the trip seem better. I am so looking forward to seeing Henry and his ’41 truck this spring.

If I had originally bought the truck way back I know I could not have done this truck the justice is so richly deserved. Henry made sure this truck is a timeless classic that anyone would be proud to say they own.

The moral here is that can take more or less any vehicle and restore it to pristine condition…. in the right hands.

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