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A Prime Example Of A Chevy Nova

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By Mark Weisseg

This yellow monster was at a local show a few weeks ago and what a monster it is. There is a reason why these cars are so revered today. Up close and personal the Chevy Nova has a unique presence.

Remember folks way back when you could start off with a Nova having a six cylinder and three speed on the tree. Oh, yes, I remember that also back in I think 61 or 62 you could also buy one with a four cylinder. Can you imagine a Chevy II with a four banger and a three on the tree? well, GM noted this point and like the other manufacturers started to give us engines with a bit more substance.

GM started to understand the market better and kept upping the engine ante on this lightweight car. These little Nova’s were the perfect small car way back in the day. Two door, four door and yes a station wagon model. But let’s focus on the two door. GM and the buyers of this car quickly understood all the potential. Can you imagine some pointy head thinking about dropping in a bigger engine? The guys that owned these cars figured it out fast. Lightweight car, big engine, go fast.
Simple ingredients make the perfect combination.

Back to the show Nova
Now, this particular car had more chrome than I could count. The paint was so nice it looked like you could walk right into it. There were no flaws in this car. Clearly this is a sunshine only driver. Under the hood the owner had more chrome and gadgets and yet nothing looked out of place or stupid.

The interior was sharply appointed and straight to the point. I can say with all honesty I did not like the color from a distance at first. That is because I just got done looking at a jet black one with a black interior and a bit of chrome. That Nova was a cool hot rod. But, as I strolled up to this and gave it all my attention I fell in love. As much as the black one was bad ass this yellow one made the on looker think.
Think twice about a challenge on the road was my first thought as this car was set up to go very fast. Lastly, I like these small Nova’s as they easy to restore and I would bet it would not put you in the poor house. The car looks easy on the eyes, has all the benefits of of a go fast car, yet is not gaudy or outrageous. A perfect move by the owner. Great Job.

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