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Pick Of The Day, Ford Mustang GT500KR 1 of 7 SAAC Documented

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Pick Of The Day, Ford Mustang GT500KR 1 of 7 SAAC Documented


One expensive vehicle, but you won’t find many this rare and refined.
Engine: 428 Cobra Jet V8.
Transmission: 3 Speed Automatic.

In 1978, even a Shelby GT500KR convertible (with AC!) was little more than a used car. Certain astute collectors at the time recognized that these were special cars, but they had not yet gathered the immense following they enjoy today. Even Carroll Shelby himself had turned his back on the Mustangs bearing his name years earlier, dismissing them as little more than interesting footnotes to the Mustang story. So when Shelby 03900 was stolen, stripped of its engine and transmission, then set on fire, there was no public outcry. And the original owner probably happily cashed the check the insurance company gave him as compensation. The stripped, burned-out carcass was hauled away to a local scrap yard called Twin Service in Anderson, Indiana, where it was scheduled to be crushed just like any other stripped, burned-out theft recovery. However, a sharp-eyed enthusiast spotted the body at Twin Service and immediately made his move. Noting the original Shelby fender tag was still intact and therefore knowing the car was a top-of-the-line GT500KR convertible, he arranged to purchase it for $500 just hours before it was slated to hit the crusher. He paid the wrecking service to drag the car to his home where he began an extensive restoration.

The car itself is no less remarkable than its story. Originally delivered to Dallas, Texas, it carries special-order WT6066 yellow paint, factory AC, a C6 automatic transmission and a tilt steering column. It is 1 of only 20 Shelby convertibles painted WT6066 yellow and, of those, 1 of only 7 equipped with air conditioning. Custom Classics’ spectacular restoration incorporated all the aforementioned NOS parts plus hundreds more that were painstakingly researched and properly date-coded. The paint is 2-stage urethane that exactly duplicates special order Bright Yellow and looks especially good under correct stripes and call-outs. Naturally, any flaws carried by the original fiberglass have been thoroughly exorcised (even after Ford took over Shelby production, the ‘glass wasn’t all that great). Panel alignment is exceptional, gaps are even all around and the car fits together better than any Mustang ever built by the factory.



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