The Passing Lane: Don’t Be A Left Lane Loser

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By Mark Weisseg

Having just traveled over 600 miles this past weekend I needed to remind all you left lane Larrys of the rules of the road. The left lane is the passing lane. Okay, one more time. The left lane in America is the passing lane.

The right lane is for driving at the limit or below. I am not sure when this became such an issue but finally some states in the Union are stepping up to this. Trucks should never be in the left lane. Ever. It is so simple yet the left lane in most cities are clogged due to very bad drivers. When I was on the interstate last weekend I could tell you that at least ten times the left lane would get backed up. Why? Because some idiot was in the left lane doing 55 in a 70 mph zone.

Now, you would think that after twenty cars whipped around you and got in front of you, your brain that is nearly dead would realize something is amiss. I came up on a younger guy driving in the left lane at about 60 mph last weekend. Somehow this fool did not understand there were twenty cars stacked up behind him stuck. Rather than move over, our left lane loser stayed the course. Everyone took turns whipping around the loser and flipping him off. It made no difference. Oh Larry the left lane loser kept his pace.

Even coming home last evening from the car show, I am in the left lane and we are doing 25 in a 45 zone. It’s enough to make you cry. I have watched these losers and the intent is they want to make a left turn into Wal Mart six miles down the road. So rather than getting over to the right lane they stay locked in the left. Or, many are following the GPS and the little voice tells them where to turn. Even if it’s into a river they will turn. It’s maddening. The basic rules of the road need a complete review. Every driver must receive a booklet with the basics on how to drive. Refreshen what little brain matter is there would be my hope.

For those of you that have driven around the Belt way in Washington DC, if you are not doing 75 miles per hour the school buses, street cleaners and garbage trucks will pass you. Yet, there is always some lonely odd ball that transforms the left lane or passing lane as it is known into there own personal 40 mph lane. Yes, this is a big pet peeve of mine and in the real world I doubt we will ever be able to correct idiots behind the wheel. Such a shame.

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