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Hot Rods And Rat Rods: Age Defying Vehicles.

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By Mark Weisseg

Cars like this one pictured are on many people’s bucket list. This type of Hot Rod screams America louder than anything else that is in the wheelhouse.

We all know it started right after World War Two as the guys came home with money and ideas. We know now they did not want to drive around in a ’48 Oldsmobile anymore so they began to think outside the box and made this hobby rock.
Thank goodness these men fought our fight overseas and thank you men for having the guts to try new things.
You must remember when these hot rods first hit the streets the guys driving them were called many things, but that’s another story. The stereotypical punk with the blue jeans, white T-shirt and hair greased back. The cars came from multiple sources normally from a junk yard.
The guys put them together and generally drag raced them on the streets. Today, we call them rat rods because the hot rod term changed a lot in recent years.

Hot Rods of today are the offshoot of the originals and are far better and more complex vehicles.
Why are they on my bucket list? Not because it is the smoothest ride or best handling. Nope, it’s for a reason much bigger than me. It would be an honor to own one.
My old truck that was a farm work truck all its life, before the previous owner passed away. It sat in a barn for 33 years after his death until I bought it. With a hot rod, I want to do the same. I want to honor those that came before me with an idea and built on that idea.
Today, these hot rods have great big engines, automatic transmissions and all the creature comforts we enjoy in our daily drivers. I like the chrome engines, I like the look and I love the idea of driving a car that has this much heritage. They were not designed on a computer or in a lab where the cubicles are stacked one after another. No, it was and is American know how and purely hands on design. This car is unlike anything else in the world. No where else in the world do people drive these type of cars and love it.

The concluding point is to consider a Hot Rod or a Rat Rod.
It may not be your first car or even your second, but owning or enjoying one of these will bring you years of fun and pride with an essence rarely gained from any other type of vehicle.

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