The New 2017 Callaway Camaro ZL1 SC740 Upgrade Gives You 740Hp.

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The 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, available this fall, already have the tuning market producing aftermarket upgrades.
A 2017 Callaway Camaro ZL1 SC740 will add 100HP along with other editions, to give you 740 hp.

The heart of the Callaway package will be the GenThree TVS2300 Supercharger System, which features a integrated intake manifold which increases airflow quality, reducing charger temperature and thus more power.

The Callaway supercharger wrote a pack is 32% larger than the stock version, being available for both the six speed manual and 10 speed automatic versions of the ZL1.

This ultimately means Callaway Camaro ZL1 will have more power than any of the domestic car. Most importantly, or what power goes to the wheels.



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