Mustang Crashes: Not What They Seem.

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There have been quite a few videos going around social media recently of Mustangs coming out of car shows, losing control and crashing. Most of the videos give the impression that the Mustangs flip out so easily and the cars can’t handle the power thrown down to the wheels.
GM and Mopars guys have probably watched these videos loads of times, falling off their chairs laughing. However, let’s look at what has really happened.

It’s the driver, not the car
We can go through these videos forensically, second by second, but they all boil down to errors in driving judgement.
You can take any rearwheel drive car, throw down full power and hang on for your life. 9 times out of 10 you will lose control, traction control or not.

Rear wheel drive vehicles gives you a more exciting and thrilling ride as you feel you are being pushed rather than pulled like you do in a front wheel drive car. However, this also means that in a rear wheel drive car the front-end needs more control by the driver or the car will flip out or go where it wants.

So that’s what it boils down to, control and driver skill.
No matter what rear wheel drive car you own, you have to learn how the car reacts, fast and slow. If you want the thrill of the ride, you need to learn how to tame it…

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