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By Dave Ashton

It may seem obvious to some, but when you’re in the market for buying a muscle car, it’s always advisable to look up the latest market rates for the vehicle to see if you’re getting value for money. This process can be quite hard, especially with muscle cars, as they can be in any condition, with a wide variety of options. therefore, it’s a good idea to use a muscle car valuation tool to get around about idea of current prices.

However, some online evaluation tools are better than others and that they will only give you a rough idea of the worth of a vehicle. One of the more commonly used as the Hagerty valuation tool. Here you can select by make, year or VIN number.

You can select by make, model, year and then it will give you a list of vehicles in its database. I tried Plymouth, then Barracuda, which then gave me the options of a base model, Cuda 340, Cuda 383, Cuda 440, Formula S and Super Stock. The options aren’t complete for every vehicle with every variation, but it will at least give you a rough idea and start point.

When you get to the final page the website will give you a history of the vehicle, different body styles and engine types and the current values from #1 concours, #2 excellent, #3 good and #4 fair. It will also show you a graph of the worth of the vehicle from this point, going back to 2006. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, it also gives you a little VIN number decoder.


You can also take a bit further and find market trends for American vehicles on muscle cars over time and the good news here is that muscle car prices are climbing steadily in this market.
In total, the Hagerty car valuation tool is pretty good a service considering its free and gives you the information straight away. Some of the services require you to fill in a form with an email address.


Like any automated tool that performs evaluations online, you can only treat it as a rough idea of current prices, but it will give you a good starting point from where you can then trawl through the listings. If you want to check out our daily muscle car finds, visit our muscle cars for sale page where we list all the current muscle cars for sale.


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