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Muscle Car talk: Is The Mustang The World’s Best Muscle Car?

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The word ‘best’ is a very generic term, especially when describing muscle cars. Can the Mustang be the world’s best muscle car?

Saying the Mustang is the world’s best muscle car is a bit like throwing a grenade in a room and waiting for it to go off. It’s strictly a pony car and apart from the Shelby line, doesn’t have the most powerful engine and for Mopar and GM fans, its…well…a Ford…urghh…..!

Sales Alone
The ubiquitous Ford Mustang has been around since 1964 and the term ‘best’ is really coming from sales figures.
The cool graphic below from shows the Mustang and Camaro sales figures from 1964 to 2014. Clearly, the Mustang sold more units.
We don’t have figures to show for the rest of the muscle car lineup, but the Mustang comes out on top from sales alone.

Original image here.

Foreign sales.
Mustang sales abroad seem to doing very well. March 2016 saw the Mustang outsell its competitors in the German market, Australia currently have back orders for the Mustang and have ordered 2000 more units.

Mustang vs. Camaro vs. Challenger
As shown from the image below, all three of these vehicles have increased in sales from 2009 – 2016, with the Mustang leading the pack.

As we all know, sales figures do not necessarily reflect the quality and performance of a car, but it does give some indication of the popularity. Which means, is the Mustang simply the most ‘popular’ muscle car, not necessarily the best?

All the current muscle cars being produced are going from strength to strength each year, with new features, horsepower ratings and performance to match the competitors. This is really the main message here.

Ford will always compete against GM and Mopar and that’s a good thing. Back in the day, the competition drove innovation and the horsepower wars produced vehicles that still echo today. If it wasn’t for the competition, those innovations may not have come as fast or not at all.
So if you think the Mustang is the best or not, doesn’t really matter. As long as the banner of ‘muscle cars’ is still being promoted.That’s the main objective.

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