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Muscle Car Talk: When Too Much IS Too Much

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By Mark Weisseg

This car was pictured last weekend at the Carlise Mopar event. Now, I understand the difficulty at times to land a part here or there but there is a line.

Study the windshield for the pricing and the information. I guess the desperate will pay anything but there is a line. I say ” line” as everyone has there line. I believe in the fair market system and for the most part it works. But, let me give you an example of the line.

When I worked for a company we had a large product line. We sold at retail prices and made a fair market gross profit margin. When a disaster struck such as a hurricane or tornado we would pack up the trucks and head to the stricken area. We would open our truck doors and sell our products to the area at the same prices we sold them before a disaster. We were not permitted to screw the customers or rip them off. It’s bad enough they have suffered such a terrible loss. To take advantage of them would be wrong. Those were the rock solid rules.

But, when it comes to a sun visor for a 71 Challenger it’s open game. I mean I am a capitalist and proud of it but I also have a heart. I understand it’s a supply and demand thing but to take a car that is nearly junk and ask $10,500 for it shows how out of line things have become. I see guys selling just steal bodies for a ’32 Ford and all I can say is “oh boy”. We do have a unwritten rule in the motorcycle world that everyone understands. A biker needs help as he is broken down you must help. Same with the classic car world. You see a guy broken down in the side of the road, the unwritten rule is to help him or her. Not, when it comes to helping him find trim rings as he is rebuilding the car.

I say that as a friend of mine is rebuilding a ’67 Charger and is trying to find certain parts. He got his eyes opened recently when he went to buy some parts from reputable vendors. To say the least my friend got an education and is now a bit gained from the experience and he is not even fifty percent done. He has a long way to go so I hope he has learned his lesson. Parts will empty your account very fast if you are not careful. That is just the truth. So, I am asking all of you to be helpful as you can be. Try the pay it forward method and you will find such warmth in your heart.

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