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Muscle Car Talk: Loving All The Car Makes

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By Mark Weisseg

Choosing between these two cars is very hard on the brain. If you are a GM guy it’s easy because you know which one to love and which one not to. Or the reverse of course.

For me it’s not that easy. I grew up liking Mopar’s and then at an early age got into Mustangs and then Corvettes. Now, I seem to love them all. Do I love one more than another? Well, that is a tough one and I would say it depends on the day.
If I see a really cool Charger or Road Runner, I am hooked but then of course I see a badass Mustang and that gets my attention. And so on and so on. I find it much easier to love nearly all of them rather than just one model. Loving one model is alright but you miss out on the beauty and features of all the others. I always cringe at a car show when someone drives in some rare beauty like a ’58 Plymouth Fury and because it is not loaded with chrome or has some huge pipes everyone just walks on by like it does not exist.

I parked next to a guy at a show and he finally asked me to park a few cars away from him. Why? He claims my car was getting all the attention and nobody was paying any attention to his Vette. So, I did and he was wrong. I just did not have the heart to tell him his car really was not all that special. To him yes, but to the masses, no. They come to see the oddballs, the chrome, the loud, and the wacky. Show up in a ’89 Corvette and you might as well not show up at all. I am not picking on the ‘Vette but the consumers can see older Vettes on the road everyday. They came to see what they don’t see everyday. It may not set well with the owner of a car but it’s the truth. I parked behind an amazing Mustang this past year and got the same myself. What goes around comes around.

These cars were stunning in all aspects, for those of us that really know cars. But, to the lady pushing the stroller, or the young teenagers they couldn’t care less. If the car is cool, it is cool.
So, no matter what the make or model, limited options or not, all muscle cars are sights to behold, from the most basic to the most expensive. Cherish them all.

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