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Muscle Car Talk: When Flames Ruled

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Yes, the flames painted on the side of this giant car do make it go faster. Chrome valve covers, air lid turned upside down, underneath the car painted orange and a chrome rear end pumpkin. All these assets and a few more will add huge horsepower to your giant car.

A lot of us young punks of the 1970’s did these things to make believe slow cars would appear to go faster. Obviously none of them worked, but that didn’t matter. We felt cool and that was the biggest point.
You must remember when you were 16 and you owned your own car you were a chick magnet to some degree. Now, I hear of sixteen year kids getting a new BMW for that special birthday and want to choke. if you’re on the receiving end of the cool new car, that’s great, but was also something to be said about your first car that you had to work on. It may not have been as pretty, but the work ethic we got was invaluable.

Flames on a car are like any other car fashion or artwork. Fashions come and go and artwork can be good or bad. Back in the heady days of the late 60s and 70s, a touch of flames in any shape or form for a while was just cool.

Today you still see flames added to cars. The artwork has got a lot better and when done right, in a tasteful way can still look appealing. See, nothing really changes except our hair and waist lines.

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