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Muscle Car Talk: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

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By Mark Weisseg

Last night’s car show was another successful adventure. I say adventure as the place filled up by 6pm, and the choices of cars and trucks were widely varied. One such car was this 1994 Cobra. Not the most obvious choice, but this depends on the individual vehicle.
The car belongs to a friend of mine who is very particular about his cars. For the record, he has another Cobra with a very rare paint job from the factory. It’s one of those paint schemes that changes colors as the sun hits different spots. It is a beautiful thing to watch as the day goes on toward evening. However, he brings that car to most shows and garners some attention as you would expect. Last night he went out to start it and the battery was dead. So, he hastily jumped in his red one and parked next to my Shelby. We sat there for a while waiting for another friend to show up in his Hertz Mustang.

To our astonishment this red Cobra grabbed all the attention last night. We were at a loss for words as there is nothing very special about the red Cobra or at least we thought.
Of course it is well maintained and the owner has every right to be proud of it. But, why does this red one get all this attention and the car we expect to get all the looks barely gets any?

We cannot figure it out other than when the public votes with their eyes. My Shelby went almost unnoticed as it was parked near a McLaren with gull wing doors. So, the crowds gravitated toward the gull wings. It was alright by me as it gave me a chance to walk around for once and enjoy all the other cars.

Back to the ’94 Cobra. A 5.0 L Windsor V8, 5-speed T-5 manual and the colouring great condition. All add up to something special. It might not be the most classic or expensive, but it does draw a crowd. This is basically the main takeaway from this story.
No matter what car you own, with the right care and attention it can always be made special.


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