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Muscle Car Storage: How To Store Your Collection

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By Mark Weisseg

You are now a car collector. Not that you have a Jay Leno or Seinfeld collection that you need a airplane hanger or a huge warehouse. But, you need something, and here is our problem.

I started out like everyone else with one car and that fitted easily into the garage at home. Then, I had another one and another and you get the picture. Right now, I have vehicles at our house, my Mothers house, and at my Brothers house. I did have another at a neighbors but got kicked to the curb as her son wanted to put his classic in there. So what do we do?

Even if you live in a warm climate your concern would be too much sun burning through the paint and interior via the glass. For those of us that deal with snow we must have a covered garage and if you can – a heated one. That is no easy task nor is it cheap.

You know us regular guys just cannot add on a ten bay garage to the home. Obviously most of us have other obligations such as children, grandchildren, mortgage, and just living expenses. So, what can we do? Every case is different and outsiders would say just reduce your car collection from eight to one. Easier said than done because once you start collecting it is very hard to stop. Ask anyone who collects and loves train sets. Rarely do they buy a train set and tracks and then just settle in and live what they bought. No, they buy more engines, cars, cabooses’s, tracks, buildings, houses, plant life and so on. They are always adding on to the collection.

Clearly, there is a big difference in size here but my point is once you start you want to grow if you can afford to do it.

Currently we are at a cross roads about our car and truck collection. I want them all under one roof where I can go out and see them all waiting for me. We cannot add on to our current home anymore so do we; buy land and build a new house with a bigger garage, buy land and build a storage garage like the picture shown, buy a current building close to home, rent space at one of those storage rental places, reduce the collection, or what?

For those not in the hobby they will never understand and really who cares if they do not. I care as you do and I really hope we can figure out something soon here. We are studying all of our options and being very careful not to jump to fast. I found a place that may work but we are not completely in love with the idea yet. There is no pill that will solve this overnight but for those of us that have more than one and less than say twenty it is a real issue.

I have a very good friend who has a smaller home with a one car garage. For years his wife got the space so she did not need to wipe snow off the car and such. My fiend for years had a burning desire for a classic car. His health is not good so his wife green lighted him about two years ago now to get his dream ride. However, to swing the deal he got the one garage space for his classic car and now she has the driveway. He does love his wife dearly so he now gets up at 6am in the cold weather to clear her car off and warm it up for her. That’s love of course but it bothers him greatly that she made this sacrifice for him. To top it off he has not the means anymore to add on or store it elsewhere. Poor slob.

At our house we are trying to find a solution as we need to get all the peas in one pod and soon as Mom is going on 94 and I doubt she will live in her house that much longer. And, like any good soldier I hope to trade, barter, or buy a few more in the near future but until we resolve the current issue I am on hold like calling the cable TV company when the screen is blank.

I will keep you posted but don’t expect a twenty four solution on this one.

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