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By David Ashton

The major talk over the next week or so will be about the fantastic SEMA show from Las Vegas. Everything from custom rides, the best in aftermarket parts and everything in between. So here are some of the news highlights that have already trickling in, along with other muscle car news from the past few days.

SEMA Videos
One thing we are thankful for is the ease of being able to produce video these days, which is a great help for getting first-hand accounts from this years SEAM show.
Here are a bunch of videos already out, giving you a preview from the show.


SEMA on Facebook

One of the best places to find out about the SEMA show is to visit them on social media.
Check out their Facebook page to get all the news building up to the show and tons of links to follow up on the stuff you really want to know about.


First Chevrolet Camaro comes to SEMA trade show
For Chevy Camaro fans the hallowed 1st vehicle is coming to SEMA in the form of the 1967 Camaro VIN #100001
The short video gives you a quick glimpse into this rare piece of Camaro history.


FCA’s big cars extended to 2020

According to Automotive News, Fiat Chrysler will be producing their range of muscle cars until at least 2020.
The FCA plan to invest $325 million Canadian dollars into their Brampton, Ontario plant, with the Charger, Challenger and 300 getting an upgrade for 2018.
For 2017, a Challenger T/A is expected and a convertible Barracuda is also on the cards for the future. Thus, showing that the latest crop of new muscle cars has a healthy next few years.


SEMA roundup

Yahoo News have done a good job of making a roundup of this years SEMA show.
For the muscle/pony car market they mostly cover the Ford Mustang, Chrysler engines and some of the wackier rides at the show, but it at least gives you some highlights of the great rides from the past week.

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