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Muscle Car Garage: Some Things Never Change.

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By Mark Weisseg

Many things in life change, some stay the same. This is a classic picture of two guys hard at it in a repair shop. The cars and the surroundings are different than today, but the work ethic is the same.
Each guy had his project to do and the chatter would go on all day. This car is in some serious need of repair and these two guys look like they have a good plan.

That’s the trick to working on your classic. Planning, budgeting, time schedules, and then doing it. The budget always seems to get lost in the shuffle but the planning and doing are big.
You must look at your project in your brain and visualize what you are going to do. Just don’t start sawing, chiseling and removing parts at will. Think before you act.
Try to save as much as possible from the classic. If you lack a skill in an area then find a friend or a professional but please don’t cut corners. It’s kind of like running your own business. You need to first plan, find all the resources you need to start, then move forward in a methodical way.

I know a guy that when he restores a classic he likes to jump all over the place to keep the project fresh for him. He does not want to be stuck for days working on one task. I like the one task at a time. I can have a check list and just work at something until it is done. Then, check it off and move to the next job at hand.
Whatever your method, please be sure you are safe, planned well and get help as needed. Even if the help is just another set of eyes or ears for the day.

Another opinion or another way of doing something might save you many sleepless nights. We may have endless amounts of information now, but asking another human directly can be priceless. It’s how they did it back then and that’s not really changed.

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