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Is A Monte Carlo A Muscle Car?

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By Mark Weisseg

This is a prime example of what a fast muscle car isn’t. Send all hate mail to me right away so I can read both letters. But I clearly recall back in the 70’s and 80’s when guys would take a family car like this with a 305 or a 350 engine and make believe it was a muscle car.

Jack up the back end with air shocks, buy chrome reverse wheels and a thrush muffler and presto, you have a muscle car. I really do hate to write this article but so many guys of my era could not have a real muscle car so they took the family hand me down car and pretended.

I mean it’s a nice enough car with some nice styling but not a muscle car. Not a chance. Unless a guy dropped in a monster crate engine it’s a pretender.
I know I am spoiling the trip down memory lane for some of you but I cannot fall in line on this one. It’s as bad as the goof I saw driving a Chevy Monza several years ago with loud pipes. It’s what the young crowd does today with the rice burners. Install some loud pipes and instantly you have a muscle car.

The Monte Carlo of the day was a big car. Giant fenders and hood, big chrome bumpers and a crushed velour interior. Again, nice car for the family guy but don’t go show up at a car cruise with one all hyped up.

Please do show up with one that is a survivor or one that has been restored, that’s a different story. I have fond memories of this car but we are in the fast muscle car business here and a round knob just does not fit into the square hole.

In the meantime let’s get our cars out this weekend and out on the glitz. It’s coming to the first weekend of August already and that sends chills down my spine. To think the year is past half way and the car shows at least for the northeast tail off around Labor Day really bothers me. So, get young and enjoy the time we have left.

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