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Linda Vaughn: The First Lady of Motorsports, Book Review

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Boy oh boy my friends I just finished reading the book written by the Queen of Motor Sports – Linda Vaughn.

Let me begin by providing some background for everyone. I remember very well seeing Linda Vaughn on the Television and wondering who she was. As I aged I followed racing and Linda Vaughn. What a pleasant surprise to learn she had written her first book about her life in Motor Sports.


Linda will take you on a journey of her life starting out in a very small town in Georgia.
She progresses with her life’s trail and how she worked to get to be the most famous woman of racing.

This is not a kiss and tell book. Thankfully she is old school in that not everything is for public consumption. But don’t be fooled my friends, Linda saw it all, did it all, and worked hard to get where she is.
I would give up much even to know half of the people she interacted with over the years. The book is full of pictures, testimonials, and best of all her stories.
The importance of her family and dear Mother shine through. Linda is a living legend and an angel in a world that runs in high gear. Her stories of all the famous drivers as well as the movers and shakers of Racing keep you on the edge of your seat.

Her career story is captivating not just to us race fans but to anyone who desires to learn how a little girl from down south rubbed elbows with the racing world. I could not wait to turn the pages as Linda spun her tale of a fascinating life. To be able to see pictures of our racing legends and read the back stories was a joy. She is a woman of strength and devotion and never forgot her roots.

Of course we all know she was blessed with amazing looks but check deeper and you will find a very interesting lady with a skill set that still impresses to this very day. You will not be dissatisfied in any way with this book. Easy to read, great stories and lots and lots of pictures.

The book can be ordered from CarTech by calling 1-800-551-4754 or visiting I urge you to buy and enjoy the book written by none other than the real queen of Motor sports. The holiday season is upon us and this book would be the perfect gift for that special racing fan in your life.

I will be heading to a few shows in the next few months and I have a new goal now. I want to meet Linda and congratulate her on this book and maybe get an angel pin. ( you must buy the book to understand this)

Mark R. Weisseg

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