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It’s Important To Document All Your Car Restoration

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By Mark Weisseg

I love documenting my rebuilds so I can look back and remember where it all started.
I first started this process with a basement because we bought a house once with a bare block basement. That meant I had an open slate to do whatever I wanted and I did. I took nearly a thousand pictures so I knew where every wire, pipe, etc was. Not only do I document with pictures and video but also notes written text for those details I leave out.

I am currently documenting a Model A rebuild right now that will also go on a web site. It will give the readers a chance to read how we did it and why. Hopefully ideas for someone else who wants to build one to see how it was done.
Sure, you can recall the big events but what about if someone asks how did you hook up the wire for the dimmer switch? I can go back to the text and recall exactly what and how it was done. It also provides a road map for myself if I were to do another one. But, it’s like that box of pictures you have of your children. Once in a while you drag the box out and just go through them as you walk down memory lane.

Sometimes our builds take a long time and if you document your failures and wins you will feel much better at the end. This Charger at the top of the screen does not look like much but the after picture shows a true winner. But, how did they do it? Where did they get the parts? Any surprises along the way? Was it easy to do the seats and so on. Taking pictures and videos certainly help but words also help. The tough part about words is you need to set aside time after each project to write down the details. if writing out everything meticulously is too much of a chore, you can record your voice instead. The problem here is you have to listen back to it, but this in itself is interesting 20 years on!

It’s a pain some times but trust me you will appreciate it at the end. I have done it twice now and I can assure you it’s worth the effort.

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