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by Dave Ashton

We all dream of finding a remote barn chock-full of muscle cars, forgotten to time, but for some individuals, they actually own the things. This is the case with this muscle car collection amassed by a Mr. Johnson, who has been collecting classic-era muscle cars for decades. The recipe seems to be quite simple here, Mr. Johnson over the years kept buying these vehicles to fix them up, then stored them in one of his barns. As his collection grew, he simply built more barns to accommodate his collection.

From the first glimpses of the vehicles at the beginning of the video, it’s clear that this guy was quite the hoarder. The whole property seems to be a collection of many bits and bats, which probably means there are also many parts to go along with the various vehicles.

There seems to be a bit of everything in this collection, but just like any avid collector, they do have their favorites. There’s a good bunch of Cudas, Camaros, GTOs, Chevelles, and Trans Ams in the preview video. We are also seeing in the video what seems to be the full collection out on display before some sort of auction or presell. Not a surprise with a car collection this big. Usually, by the time this source of news hits the masses, the collection has already been evaluated and ready for sale.

There are also no real details here about the owner’s background, but he was obviously a true fan of American muscle cars. You also have to forgive the guy in the video as he misidentifies quite a few of the vehicles. We’ll just put that down to him being overexcited from all the vehicles on display.


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