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The Huge Benefits Of A Car Lift

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By Mark Weisseg

I saw this picture and started slobbering all over the screen. A really cool lift in a very disorganized shop got my attention. Especially for what is sitting on and under the lift.

It’s been a dream of mine since Moby dick was a Minnow to have a lift in my garage. And I don’t mean in my shoes. I am already six foot three so no lifts in my penny loafers please. But, we are car nuts here and I believe nearly everyone would love a lift. Change the oil, find the leaks, pull the wheels and of course perform your work without crawling on the floor or on a six wheeled creeper. If I get my lift soon I will advise you. I bid on a garage that has the space so we will see.

I mentioned about a week ago I ran into an old friend and former worker at a car show who has one.
He has a lift in his garage. He did not brag about it but he gave me all the benefits of having one. He said his even plugs into the 110 outlet. Jeepers, I am going to go over and see it if my bid is accepted. I want to see if it will work for me as well. But, my intention is not what this picture shows. That is an extra space for parking. Nope. I am kooky about that. Use the lift as intended. Maintain the lift and do the PM. When I was a younger lad I did not mind crawling around on the concrete but now at age four hundred I don’t want to crawl on anything anywhere. So, I checked into pricing and for under two grand anyone can have a nice lift. Obviously spend more and get more weight limitations and other benefits. So, get on with it Ollie and make your life a piece of cake as the benefits of a car lift are huge if you regularly work on cars.

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