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How To Remove A Broken Oil Filter

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oil filter

Everyone who owns a car needs to understand the importance of an oil filter. The Car’s oil filter removes harmful debris, metal, and waste from a car’s engine. Moreover, without an oil filter, garbage will be stuck inside the engine and will become harmful over time. An Oil filter not only manages waste but also maintains oil flow.

Do you know how to remove a broken oil filter?

We will explain all possible ways with the easiest methods so you can perform the job with no hassle.

Let me explain to you every method of removing a broken oil filter. Before moving forward, you have to keep some tools with you that are essential parts of removing oil filters.

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Endcap oil filter
  3. End Cap remover.
  4. Filter pliers
  5. Oil filter wrench
  6. Chain wrench
  7. Cloth Strap wrench

An old and worn-out oil filter will circulate bad oil in your car engine. Therefore, you first have to change the oil. For this, you have to start the engine, let the engine warm-up for 5 minutes, then turn off the engine, then let the oil drain via the sump plug, always remembering to re-insert the sump plug into the engine block. The sump plug is usually located under the engine block. Check your user manual for where the sump plug is located on your particular make and model.

  1. Use of End Cap Remover:

oil filter

The first step is to used an oil filter cap. Follow the steps given below.

  1. Place the end cap remover underneath the oil filter to grab hold of the filter.
  2. Then, you need to put a 3/8 extension with your ratchet on the hole of the filter cap.
  3. Then you need to twist off.
  1. Use of Pliers:

oil filter

Some people use pliers to remove the oil filter from the engine but sometimes it causes trouble too. Let me explain this as well.

  1. Use of Strap wrench:

oil filter

Now, you may be thinking about how you can use the strap wrench? All you need to do is to place it on the oil filter and turn it around to get the oil filter off. You will need adequate space for this method to work.

  1. Use of Vice-grip wrench:

oil filter

Adjust the size according to your oil filter and then clamp it down. With adequate working space, this is one of the simplest methods of removal.

  1. Use of Channellock:

oil filter

All you need to do is to get the long channel ox. This will help you to get the oil filter off. You have to place it on an oil filter and then turn it around. You can use a screwdriver to get it off.

  1. Use of Lubricant:

Use wd-40 lubricant. Put some lubricant in-between the oil filter and the engine block. Wait for 5-10 minutes, then remove the oil filter.

  1. Use of Screw Driver:

Locate a screwdriver and use the following steps.

  • Push the screwdriver through the oil filter until it pops out the other side. This method can be messy, so catch excess oil drips with some sort of container.
  • Now, grab the handle of the screwdriver and twisted it off.


Removing an oil filter is not as easy as it looks. However, one of the tried and tested methods above should do the trick.


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