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Ford Mustang vs. Chevrolet Camaro: Which Car Is Right for You?

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Learn about the pricing, performance, and technology of Ford Mustang vs. Chevrolet Camaro to make the right decision here.

The Ford Mustang is an iconic vehicle that first debuted in 1964.

It was revealed at the World Fair that took place, and by the end of its first year, almost half a million had been bought. The Mustang has continued with innovation and updating until the modern day, more than 50 years.

The Chevy Camaro came out for the first time in 1967. While a bit newer, the Camaro has built a long reputation of being a dependable and powerful vehicle just like the Mustang.

When comparing the Ford Mustang vs Chevrolet Camaro, what separates these two vehicles?

Ford Mustang Vs Chevrolet Camaro 

Since their earliest days, these two cars have been competing against one another. While the Camaro has always stayed relevant, there is no doubt that the more prestigious of the two vehicles has been the Mustang. Legendary models like the Shelby GT have ensured this reputation that the Mustang enjoys.

Performance And Speed

In terms of performance and speed, both vehicles perform well, and they do vary from year to year. In general, the basic models of each vehicle are roughly equal in terms of performance and speed. Often the Mustang will accelerate just a touch faster and is usually a bit lighter.

With engine power between basic models, there is almost no difference. Most years, there is no more than a 5-horsepower difference between both vehicles. This can change with the model, but even still, both vehicles stick close to the other.

Handling And Suspension 

Both vehicles handle well, but many consider the Mustang to have a slight edge in handling and cornering. This is due to the weight and power to weight ratio that the Mustang enjoys. Comparing suspensions reveals little as both are designed to be fast streetcars.

For suspensions, you won’t see either of these vehicles doing off-roading. Both vehicles set low to the ground, and neither are particularly good at negotiating dips or large bumps. They are roughly equal in terms of functional suspension.

Exhaust And Sound 

Many people consider the Mustang to have a more iconic sound than the Camaro. A lot of this has to do with the exhaust of the Mustang, giving it a louder and more throaty sound. Camaros are usually quieter, and this does appeal to people for a number of reasons.

Both vehicles, in the modern era, come with efficient exhausts and meet emission standards. There is no functional difference in the systems used, except for the iconic growl of a Mustang motor. With either vehicle, you can turn heads if you put the pedal down as you cruise the streets of your neighborhood.

Miles Per Gallon 

There is an interesting difference between both vehicles in this regard. If you take the 2019 models into consideration, you get a unique difference when considering the Ford Mustang vs Chevrolet Camaro. The Camaro is listed as getting 27 highway MPG, which is two higher than the Mustang.

However, what this doesn’t reveal is that the Camaro is designed to use only premium unleaded. Mustang owners are encouraged to only by regular unleaded gasoline. While the Camaro may have a slight edge, the difference in price is more than made up for by the premium vs regular gas type.

In this way, it will be cheaper to own and operate your Mustang than a Camaro would be. You will save money every time you fill-up the tank, which will be a considerable amount by the end of the vehicle’s lifespan.

Repairs And Reliability 

Both vehicles are well known for their reliability. Earlier models had far more problems, but neither is seen as a money sink. The Camaro does rate just a bit higher on the reliability scale, but it should be noted that both vehicles will run well past 100,000 miles.

With such a long engine life, buying a used Mustang doesn’t present any problems. The same can be said for a Camaro, as either vehicle will work for a long time if it is taken care of. Preventative and regular maintenance is critical when dealing with high-performance vehicles.

Price To Buy

With the exception of legendary models like the aforementioned Shelby, Mustangs are a bit cheaper. Ford has often leveraged its efficient production of vehicles to offer them for a lower price. An interesting note here is that with the convertible models, the Camaro is just a tad cheaper, but in coupes, the Mustang wins out.

When purchasing used vehicles, the Mustang is often cheaper and costs less to maintain. The reasons for this are that there are many more Mustangs on the road than Camaros. This gives you the ability to find parts for less, and no matter the year, they are more common.

No car is a good investment in the fact that they don’t retain the value or hold value as they age. Camaros and Mustangs perform better than average vehicles in this regard, but you should think of them as a functional or practical vehicle.

The only exception to this last rule is if you should happen to get a 1960s Mustang. If you find yourself lucky enough to find one, feel free to spend all the money you want on the vehicle. You won’t get the investment back, but it is well worth it just to have and drive an early model Mustang.

The Right Choice For You 

As you have seen, the differences between these two iconic vehicles are small. In general, the Ford Mustang vs Chevrolet Camaro debate comes down to thin margins. The Mustang does exceed the Camaro in most ways, but not by a significant margin.

For many people, there are broader Ford vs Chevrolet questions when they consider these two. If you’re not loyal to either Ford or Chevy, then the Mustang would be a better choice for you.

It is cheaper and costs less to fill up, while both are very reliable and have near equal performance. Either way, you will be happy that you decided to drive one a legendary piece of automotive history and lore.

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