The First Reviews of Hammond, Clarkson & May’s ‘Grand Tour.’

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By David Ashton

Former Top Gear presenters Clarkson, Hammond and May debuted their new show on Amazon, ‘The Grand Tour’ globally last Thursday, but what do the first reviews say about the show?

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May hosted the successful UK show for many years, which spawned the American spin-off until Clarkson was dropped in 2015, followed by the departure of the other two very soon after.
New hosts were found in the form of Chris Evans, Matt LeBlanc and others, but what the BBC soon realised was that the personalities and interaction between the form of three was the magic dust for the show, not easy to be replicated.
So how does the ‘Grand Tour’ stack up with the old three seasoned presenters?

The initial introduction shows Clarkson in a rainy London office before jetting over to California to pick up a Ford Mustang and lead the charge for a fleet of muscle cars and classics, which is by accounts was very, very expensive according to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

If you’re familiar with the old Top Gear UK format, you want multiple locations, multiple vehicles and the triplets trademark characteristics which are in abundance here again.

“The new series will certainly go some way towards obliterating memories of TG’s terrible Chris Evans-fronted relaunch,” said the Daily Telegraph.

“The BBC may wonder how Matt LeBlanc and whoever joins him next year can possibly compete.”
“As Clarkson, Hammond and May settled into their studio tent, things started to feel awful familiar,” said the Daily Telegraph.

“You can pour something into a different container, but it still tastes the same,” added the Guardian. “And, like it or not, this tastes of Clarkson, Hammond and May. Fans of old Top Gear are going to be happy.”

Just like the initial review state, its like seeing three old friends and checking out their latest escapades along with obviously some fantastic vehicles.

You can check it out now on Amazon available for streaming in most countries.

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