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Find Of The Day: The Experimental 1971 AMC Javelin At Auction

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BUY NOW 1971 AMC Javelin

Engine: Penske and Donohue 401/425 h.p.
Mileage: 12,856
Price: US $100,000.00

At first, I thought this was a mistake. $100,000 for a beat up AMC Javelin.
On further reading, this is an ultra-rare, experimental AMC NASCAR Javelin, but still beat up….maybe.

The original blue-color is there in parts, but it’s the NASCAR Association and history that’s important here.
The rear of the intake is signed by Vic Edlebrock and says #5 for AMC NASCAR 71.
Here’s a snip from the ad.,
‘Here is what we believe the car is, we have been told that this car was used to test and break in the Penske and Donohue 401/425 h.p. race engines. This engine #5 of approximately 10 built. We also believe this car was used as a Pace Car at some races.’
‘Our car was built 9/70, it is car number 6 with engine number 5, after talking to many AMC enthusiasts we believe there were 10 of these built for testing purposes in hopes of Homologation For NASCAR., to run against the big cubic inch NASCAR’s I.E. Hemi Superbirds, BOSS 429’s etc.’

However, the ad also says, ‘We do not have any documentation at this time and hope that someone out there knows the history of this incredible find.’ Hmmmmm.

So, this AMC Javelin has the potential to be one of the rarest out there, but it’s not completely confirmed.
Maybe, it’s worth the asking price, maybe it’s not.

For the AMC Javelin fans out there, this could be one of the rarest finds…….






BUY NOW 1971 AMC Javelin

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