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By Mark Weisseg

Yes, this is the Lincoln Mark three and normally you would not think of it as a muscle car but, give me the opportunity to change that.

These cars were big, big cars. They had the two door Mark three and of course the gigantic Lincoln Town Car. Let’s focus on the two door for a bit.

First, under the hood was a 460 cubic inch engine. That is a big engine for a big car. Now, off the line the car was not much to concern yourselves with but…., there are many people out there that as they aged cannot fit into a ’69 Z28. I happen to know just that guy.

He owns a trucking company near me and his dream was always to own a restored 1969 Z/28. He waited until the kids all grew up and were out of the house. Then, he went on a mission to find a fully restored ’69 Z/28 and he found one. He had the car delivered, I went over and drooled all over it and he was the happiest guy I knew.
However, he told me he could only handle that car for about two hours tops before his body was so strained he had to come home. You see my friend is in his mid fifties and gained a hundred pounds since he was a skinny high school kid. So, he loves his Z but he simply cannot drive it long distances.

So, I offered a solution. Find a big car with a big engine that you can fit in and drive all day. You get all the comforts of plush seats and all the other road worthy comforts plus a classic car you can be proud of. This is were the Mark three comes in. A perfect fit for the guy that needs a classic ride and power.

I told him to lower the car, paint it black, put some badass wheels and tires on it and you have yourself a fast car with all the comforts of home. Keep the Z/28 for the short hops around town but he likes to go to Florida in the winter. No way he could drive that Z there but now he can zoom down the highway in luxury and still have 460 cubic inches under his belly. Perfect fit for all of baby boomers with a little bit more under the belt than we did 40 years ago.

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