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By Mark Weisseg

Today’s lesson class is an important one so put down the cell phone and pay attention.

I am going to name drop to start off to prove a point later in the article here. I met Aaron Kaufman from Gas Monkey garage when I was at the Broadmoor resort in Colorado Springs. He was an amazingly nice guy. I have met Wayne Carini, Richard Rawlings, Dennis Collins, Big Chris, KC formerly of gas monkey garage, Ryan Evans from Counting cars ( Danny Koker is impossible to meet) Christy Lee and more. Anyone have her number?

I say all this to get your attention. In our fast muscle car world it is all about connections both big and small. You need to know who to call when things are not going right. Everyone needs to have what we used to call a Rolodex of names and numbers. Connections both big and not so big can be the difference of having the best muscle car or a car up on jack stands never to be finished. If your car is a GM I hope you are involved with a local Chevy club.

The outreach is critical for parts or just help with a project. It also can be a way for you to pick up tips, ideas, or better yet, another car. Sometimes a club member has one too many cars and wants to sell it. He hates the idea of advertising it and having tire kickers, kooks, and losers at his house. Certainly he would rather sell it to someone he knows quietly and quickly. That benefits you as you know the complete history of the car and benefits him as now knows it’s in good hands. How many times have you heard someone say they will only sell something they have to the right person? It’s true. I had a guy sell me a car only because he knew I would take care of his baby.

He dreaded the thought of some jackass buying his precious car and beating the hell out of it. He sold it to me for a great price and I care for it very well. He still gets to see it and he offers up ideas and solutions. The system is there for all to be involved in but you need to get off the couch and quit watching reruns of the Golden Girls. Bea Arthur is dead now and the show will be on next week so get moving. Get involved locally.

Go to a big event if you can. Events like SEMA or a Mecum or a Barrett Jackson is vital. I missed a dinner last year with Linda Vaughn and I was ticked off for days. It won’t happen this year at SEMA I promise you. But it’s not just a big event as mentioned. Some of you just cannot go to these. But locally you can. Last year I was sitting with a friend at a car show and a guy approached us about the 67 Corvette my friend owns.

At first glance we thought the guy was full of shit as he talked. But, the next day after doing some research on him we found he was connected with many big names. One of the big names was Rick Hendrick. Gulp. And there were more. Within a week my friend had a offer in writing for $160k on his 67 Vette. He only turned it down because he does not need the money and he promised his son the car someday. But this happened locally and it showed us that locally we have some spotters and so called pickers with connections.

So, today we both pay closer attention to conversations. Yes, some are lonely kooks that claim big things and really live with Mother. But late last year I met a guy who claimed to have a Hemi SuperBird. I called him out on it and the old rascal proved it. I never would have guessed. So, I make him a priority at car shows now but I will bet lunch most people would not give him a second look. Okay class do we all understand the importance of a smile, a handshake and some attention? I hope so because if you fail to do so people like me are going to eat your lunch. It’s that simple. I found out the hard way so please do not be like I was.

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