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Essential Additions: A Guide to the Best Muscle Car Keychain Accessories

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Pimping out your muscle car can extend past the steering wheel. Check out this guide to your car’s best keychain accessories.

All the features of your car need to be decked out if you want to have the coolest ride in town – even down to your keychain. You may not think much of your keychain, but this is actually one of the best ways to show off your personality.

Cool keychains are unique conversation starters, and you never know when a practical one may come in handy. These fun car accessories range from personalized creations to smart gadgets and everything in between.

If you’re not sure what your keychain is missing, here are 7 of the best keychain options to consider getting!

  1. A Bottle Opener Keychain

Why risk ruining your t-shirt or breaking a tooth when you can just open a bottle the right way? When you have a bottle opener keychain, you can trust you’ll never have to look for one ever again.

This makes it easy to crack a cold one open when you’re tailgating with friends or just hanging out in the backyard. Make sure you’re not the one driving home if you’re using your bottle opener a lot, though!

  1. A USB Keychain

You have to work hard in order to play hard, and if you deal with a lot of documents or sensitive information, you may want to get a USB keychain.

This will remind you to take your keychain out and bring it with you when you’re leaving work. It also helps you keep track of where your USB is, which better protects all the information on it.

  1. A Personal Safety Keychain

This is one of the most useful keychains on this list. No matter what age you are or how safe you think your town is, you can never be too careful. A personal safety keychain may be what saves you when someone tries to assault you when getting into or out of your car.

Such keychains come in all shapes and sizes. Some personal safety keychains are sharp concealed weapons to use in close quarters with an attacker. Others are small cans of pepper spray that help you keep a safe distance and get away or warning whistles to call for help.

Whatever you decide to get, remember it’s better to have something helpful on your keychain than to go without this accessory. It’s better to have it and never end up using it than to take the risk and wish you would have bought one later on.

  1. A Flashlight Keychain

The next kind of keychain you should consider getting is a flashlight keychain.

This comes in handy if you ever find yourself on the side of the road at night or if the power goes out in your own home. They’re good to use when you need to find something in your car, too.

You may be thinking you can just keep a flashlight in your car or around the house. But, a keychain flashlight is the better choice because it’s something you can keep in your pocket and not have to worry about finding whenever you need it. Not to mention, there are lots of small, portable flashlights that are just as strong as standard-sized ones.

  1. A Portable Charger Keychain

Another thing you may find yourself in need of is a charger. While most drivers have on in their car for when they’re on the road, it’s also good to have one that you can use anytime.

This makes it easy to plug in and continue to use your device whether you’re at a game, at work, or traveling. It’s also convenient because you don’t have to worry about finding a wall outlet or staying in one place. Having a portable charger keychain means you’re free to move about as you wish and do whatever you need while also giving your phone, tablet, or juul the battery it needs.
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  1. A Product Locator Keychain

What if you’re the kind of person who isn’t always running out of battery life, but rather, always losing their phone? If you have a habit of misplacing your phone or your keys, you need a product locator keychain.

This will change your life.

A product locator keychain is a device that comes with an app that you download on your phone and/or tablet. If you have your phone in your hand and you don’t know where your keys are, you can open the app and the device will start ringing. The noise will lead you straight to your keys.

On the other hand, if it’s your keys that you have and your phone that you’ve misplaces, the product locator will signal for the app to start making a noise and lead you to your phone. How cool is that?!

  1. A Custom Keychain

The final kind of keychain to consider getting is a customized, personal keychain.

This is ideal if you and your buddies are all muscle car enthusiasts and have similar keychains. It’s also nice if you like to hang your keys at the gym or tend to leave them sitting around when hanging out with friends. This makes it easy to spot your keys out of a group or from a mile away.

More so, it’s a personal touch to make your care even more unique than it already is! A custom keychain can be a keychain with your name/nickname on it, a special souvenir keychain, or maybe something you make yourself. Whatever you choose to get, it’s sure to be a fun car accessory you absolutely love.

Find the Best Keychain Accessories for You

Keep in mind that there’s a balance between having a cool set of keychains and going over the top. You want to find the one best keychain that’s right for you or at least set a limit of two or three. Anything more will make your keys look busy and it can actually end up being too heavy.

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