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By Mark Weisseg

I have seen the Tesla up close and personal. I liked it. The cars are quiet, they are stylish, they run very fast, and it appears there is a place in the future for the electric vehicle and possibly muscle cars. One glaring problem with Tesla like the cars before it cannot make a profit. You see in business the number one mission is to make a profit. Once you make a profit then all the great things like benefits, vacations, charity work and more can take place. But, no profit – no good.

Of course the cars sound great on paper. Clean, quiet, fast, reliable and more. But we know the distance of a charge is still limited and I believe that this will be able to be overcome soon. Us fast muscle cars guys and gals will miss the deep throated sound of a V8 but we too can adapt. As far as being clean the cause is a good one but we still need coal to fire the plants in order to make the electricity. The media talks about clean coal but that too is a non profitable proposition at this time. Once we can afford clean coal and make a profit ( that comes out of your wallet) then we can work on making a profit for companies like Tesla. Of course hybrids are our answer currently with gas and electric being used. It works and the consumer has the piece of mind to know when the battery dies off the little gasoline engine will keep you moving. I want the electric cars to work, I really do. I believe they can work right now in certain circumstances. The US Postal service has limited routes for example. They could run the route, come back at the end of a shift and plug in. However, here’s the rub. Many stores in my area set aside parking places with rechargers ready to go for all the electric cars. They sit empty. It sounds good, it feels good and the media jumped all over it. But the spaces sit empty. Until companies like Tesla can turn a profit and generate wide spread love the car will be sold in limited numbers.

For us Fast muscle car lovers we might take some heat for our big engines that rumble and get poor gas mileage. But, if anyone dug a bit deeper they would discover we too want clean water, clean air, and a viable automobile solution to make those items possible. But with news of China and the smog issue over there many feel it’s a waste of effort. It isn’t. We need to encourage countries who are mass polluters to get there game in order. If we all could get on the same page then and only then can we make a broad statement to understand and buy electric vehicles for daily use. In the meantime, propane vehicles as well as natural gas vehicles will need to pick up the slack. But, let’s keep an eye and ear open to all avenues at the same time.

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