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Should You Drive Your Classic Car In The Snow?

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By Mark a Weisseg

Cord were an automobile company who manufactured automobiles in Connersville, Indiana from 1929-1937.
They came up with a bunch of innovations, including front wheel drive, hidden headlights and such.

The thought of skiing down a big mountain with your friends seems like a great idea. Yes, get in your Cord and drive up the mountain. Park it where you want to ski and then just swoosh down the mountain. After a long but fun day, get in your Cord and drive down the mountain. At the bottom remove the tire chains and drive to the lodge. Upon arrival ask everyone there at the mountain resort if there is a Doctor in the house. Why? Because you will need your head examined for doing something this stupid.

This shows you how times have changed. Even back in the 30’s and 40’s only the wealthy could even consider a Cord.

If anyone has a Cord today it would only see the light of day if it was at Pebble Beach. How ironic that the advertisers thought a convertible Cord was a great tool to get you to go skiing. Just like many other photos we have seen together.

Tow hitches on a SuperBird, chains on the rear tires of your Yenko Camaro and so on. None of it would happen today. Money has driven the car hobby to levels never thought of. Imagine driving your ’66 Corvette with snow tires on the back pulling a trailer with two snow mobiles on it. Someone would pull you over and offer a head examination right away.

We now buy and drive our classics only if all the angles of the sun line up correctly with the solar system. Cars were meant to be driven not stored in a warehouse. I am not saying take the 37 Cord out in the snow but drive the darn thing and enjoy it.

I always chuckle at the car shows when someone opens weather bug and sees a rain cloud three hundred miles away. Got to go home they exclaim and off they go. Good riddance. If the car gets wet it will not shrink it will not go down in value and it will not explode. I know it’s a pain in the rump but do you really think your 64 Malibu never got wet before you bought it?

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