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Dodge ‘Horsepower Locator’: The Easy Way to Buy a Challenger or Charger

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by Dave Ashton

The ICE versions of the Dodge Challenger and Charger will see their last year of production in 2023. These last ‘call models’ come in a plethora of combinations, from paint jobs, and trim to engine types. Tracking down one of these future classics with a particular set of options could be a major headache. However, Dodge has a very convenient ‘Horsepower Locator’ on their website, providing information on what dealer can supply a specific model and options.

How it Works

Firstly, as with all these things, there are caveats or at least things to bear in mind. A dealer may list a certain model, but it may have been allocated to somebody else. Pricing is down to each individual dealer. And lastly, there is no specific time frame for when you will receive your vehicle.

Horsepower Locator

With the caveats out of the way, the Horsepower Locator needs your ZIP code, the model of the car you are interested in, the search area, and trim. The search result should show each dealer their inventory and how many are available to order.

In essence, the website facility acts like an advanced search for all Dodge dealers, with respectably up-to-date information. If this type of search was implemented for other models and brands, it would be a fantastic way to find the exact car you wanted, like that future classic.


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