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Cruising 70’s Style

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By  Mark Weisseg

Yes this reminds me so much of the high school days of the 1970’s. Jam as many guys as possible in a car and hit the road. Back then even four doors were out. Today, they are out. Amazing how much a car devalues because of two extra doors. Why? I am not sure but maybe it’s a stigma that we will shake some day. But, the simple days of high school are long behind us. I just had a reminder the other day. We were all so bright eyed kids without too many worries. Since those quiet times we have lost a few over the years but there is something even worse. I know if classmates that have lost there own now. Nothing can or is that bad. If you return to your year book and look at all the fun we had in the school activities and all the fun at football games and so on. Now, all these years later if you talk to the same kids the tone has changed. They are slower, there is pain in there eyes and hearts. Some have lost a spouse already, and some have lost a child already

Most never pictured themselves at our age. Hen we were sixteen or so people our age were ancient dinosaurs. Now, we roam the earth with heaviness in our hearts as the real world has closed in on us. But, back then we were free. Full of life, chasing girls, drag racing, pulling pranks, and looking forward to our own lives. Now, here we are. How do we cope with life’s issues now? Some buy classic cars to remind them of days gone by. Like me. Not all of my cars are from that era but it makes me feel young again to tool around in my fast muscle car. My troubles fade and my worries go away. Just like the cats in this car. It could be me or you back in the day. Boy,Maine has really gone fast. Anyway to slow it down again?

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