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Comparing Muscle Car Prices, Then and Now.

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By Mark Weisseg

Quite simply, don’t.
These little ads show up all the time on the Internet. I guess the people that post these want to remind you how bad you missed the boat back in the day.

Yes, my own Road Runner had a sticker price of about $3,900 back in 1969 with the options. Then, as time rolled on and the shine was off you could buy a used Road Runner in the late seventies and very early eighties for $800 to $1,000.

Yep, they had rusted quarter panels and had been beat, raced, fiberglass filled, repainted and much more. They all looked tired and it seems that everyone put on cherry bombs or Thrush mufflers. Then as the 1990’s rolled around they were pretty much forgotten to history. We started finding them in weeds, barns and fields and no real value came from them.

Suddenly all the young guys were now older and had some pocket change and wanted to relive a part of there youth. Or Youts. Remember the movie, My Cousin Vinny? The two Youts! Love that scene.

Anyway we grew up and wanted to go back to a fun time in our lives. The rest is history now. I paid $42k for my 69 RR. Yes, the sticker said it was $3,900 back in 1969 but I bought mine in 2015. Gadzooks did I get an education.

Today Hemi cars are all the rage again, numbers matching, one of something and so on. Same holds true for the Fords and Chevrolets from back in the day. Today we open our wallets very wide and dig very deep to have just a slice of our childhood. Everywhere I go I hear that sentiment. Everyone wants to hear the meep meep horn.

Everyone has a story about themselves or a friend. Such is life as I was told. You live, you learn, and you die. It’s what you do in the middle of all that to make your life meaningful. So, don’t fret about the pricing. It’s fun to remember but the future is now. If you want a memory get out there and find your car one more time.
The prices may have increased, but that’s nothing compared to the benefit of owning and driving a raw muscle car, just as they should be.

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