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Chevelle Restoration and Authenticity Guide Book Review

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If you have or planning to own a 70-72 Chevelle I have great news for you. These model years remain the most collectible cars to date for all muscle cars.

Car Tech Books has a fantastic book out right now. It’s written by Dale McIntosh and Rick Nelson. Dale is very well known in the Chevelle world and has quite a following. With a web site and other handy materials from Mr. McIntosh, you the end user, can perform a great restoration. Rick Nelson on the other hand, is the owner of his own restoration business. He specializes within the Chevrolet family. If you combine the two of them together you have all you need to do your 70 to 72 Chevelle project. The book itself is two hundred and forty pages of detail. Over five hundred and fifty pictures along with charts and graphs. No stone goes unturned here. Nine solid chapters in an easy to read format.

The book goes into great detail regarding all aspects of your project. From items as small as a fuse, to the rings on the pistons. There is no detail too small or insignificant in this manual. And as important as that, what procedures and tools to use.

The two authors offer this book for the Chevelle purists. The purist who wants the very best. With any restoration there are hundreds of questions and problems. This book is a great example of how to do it right. It’s a “How to“ manual in the purist sense. For example, Chapter Four delves into great detail about how to rebuild your brakes. From bending your brakes lines to the correct OEM brake shoes and hardware. Nothing is left to chance. Clear, precise data is found in the pages of this wonderful book.

I also liked the in-depth detail about where your car was built, how many where built, and with what options. You will read and see for yourself how your Chevelle was built from day one.

There is not a weak link in this book. This book is clearly heads and shoulders the best for a Concurs d’ elegance level restoration. It’s that detailed. If you want the best, if you want it done correctly, if you want a perfect car, then this book is for you.

Let’s be honest about some collector cars. It’s painful to see a great classic that someone cuts corners on. Whether its workmanship, or off brand parts, most of us cringe at the thought. Doing it wrong is a costly error. This book will make sure everything goes as planned. If you are buying your classic Chevelle, or if you already own one I encourage you to buy this book. This book is straight forward, clear and precise. It’s better than a good read. It’s a necessary read.

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