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Checklist for Storing a Muscle Car

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Your muscle car is probably one of your most prized possessions. The character, history and raw power of these machines are unrivaled, so it stands to reason that they require special care. Enthusiasts know their cars inside out, but there might come a time when you need to put the vehicle into storage. This can be a scary experience, but a few simple steps will make the process less daunting.

Start with a thorough clean

Cleaning a car just to lock it away might seem counterintuitive, but it’s essential. Even innocuous marks will slowly eat into the paint over time, causing long-term damage. There are fewer worse feelings than taking your car out of storage only to find that the paintwork has been corroded. This can be costly, too, especially on muscle cars that often require specialist repair. Give your car a thorough clean, both inside and out, before you put it into storage, and double check that there isn’t a single stain to be found.

Perform an oil change

This isn’t necessary for short storage times of only a couple of weeks but becomes important if that period extends past 30 days. Used or old oil contains contaminants that can damage the engine. Make sure that you change the oil before you drop your car off. Use a high-quality brand to ensure that your muscle car comes out of storage just as healthy as it went in.

Top up the fuel tank

Along similar lines, it might seem odd to fill up on fuel if you don’t intend to go anywhere for a long time. Much like with oil, this isn’t essential for short stays in storage, but if you plan to keep your muscle car off the road for more than 30 days, you should top up. Filling up with fuel stops moisture from building up inside the fuel tank and also prevents the seals from drying. As an additional safeguard, you can also add a fuel stabilizer to stop ethanol from accumulating.

Research the storage facility

There are plenty of car storage facilities available, but not all are created equal. They range from simple garages to more extensive complexes. Muscle car enthusiasts should opt for the latter. A temperature and climate-controlled environment will safeguard your car from problems including rust and ensure that it comes back to you in good condition. Security is another area of concern. Vehicle storage facilities like The Vault feature surveillance cameras, limited points of access and guards. If muscle cars are your passion, it pays only to store them in a highly secure environment.

Check the insurance

Most vehicle storage centers will require you to have an active insurance policy on your vehicle. Insurers will usually offer you a heavily discounted rate if your car is going to be off the road for some time, though. It’s equally important to check the storage facility’s policy. Some will have so called “garage keeper’s” insurance, which covers them if something goes wrong at the facility. This is an extra layer of protection that grants peace of mind.


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