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You can see by the picture this was once the way we all learned to drive.

I recall the high school drivers ed. had their own car with two steering wheels and brakes. Safety was job one. It should be today and it isn’t. The youngsters today may get all the blame however, for all my years on the road as a sales rep. I can assure you the adults are just as guilty. Do we need to ask how many more need to die before we get serious about drivers education again?

I admit I did dumb things behind the wheel as a young guy. I was lucky I did not kill myself or someone else. But, even today I see adults driving down the road reading the paper, texting, reading a book or reviewing what appears to be an important paper.

I hope at some point we learn our lesson about two hands on the wheel, and total attention is on the road. We lost a family member years ago to a freak automobile accident and we all have suffered to this day. My Brother and I were at the grave a week ago and there were few words spoken. Just hollow emptiness. When I tell you that you and your family do not want to experience this I tell you from experience.
I will not go into details but it has been twenty years now since that fateful day and my entire family feels it every year. She would be 36 years old now and who knows what positive things she would have brought to all of us. But, it was not meant to be for some reason and we cannot change it.

There have been reports lately of the top new muscle cars not passing the top safety standards  it seems damning on the surface, but once you look into the details, there is no comparison with the rest of the car market and driver error is always a big factor.

So, I beg you to sharpen your skills, put your phone down and think about what you are supposed to do behind the wheel of a moving car. Please do not become another statistic.

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