Can A Merc. Be a Muscle Car?

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By David Ashton

Yes, I know, the title of this post is stupid to most, but it’s a reaction to the many car reviews that state none muscle cars are just like the real thing, e.g. ‘This is a modern-day muscle car’ or similar.

Reading a post on auto guide by Jeremy Clarkson, who obviously knows his stuff when it comes to cars, also falls into this trap.

The Mercedes-AMG GT S is described in the post of ‘Top 10 Star Cars’ as, ‘This is a modern-day muscle car,’ ‘It’s Merc’s Mustang. You see this when you drive it. It feels raw.’

Now, you could take this as being a huge compliment to the muscle car breed. An AMG Merc. being described as a modern muscle car, which means that it is a plus point, but is it not the same as saying the new Mustang or Dodge Charger is like a modern-day roadster or sports car?

When most muscle cars are reviewed, the pleasure and fun aspect always comes out as paramount, but they don’t always win out in the all-around stakes. But when other cars are described in a positive light as having a raw driving experience, the muscle car moniker soon comes out. Almost like it is something for other cars to aspire to, but not necessarily be. An odd mix. Which means they want the association of muscle cars but not exactly wanting to be one.

So, this is probably just being pedantic over terminology, but a Merc. or any of the car that steals the muscle car badge will only be a muscle car if it houses an American V8 and is built in Detroit.
The rest are just wannabes.

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